Gossip can be so entertaining. Picking up our phone and text a friend some stories about colleagues, classmates, judge an acquaintance. Yes, we’ve been there! We all love some interesting stories too you know!

But did you realize that after your gossip session, negative atmosphere appears? Feeling awful? We don’t what you to answer to us, but be honest to yourself, because sometimes we do have a negative energy afterwards which is so unwelcoming. Then how do we avoid gossip in our daily lives?

  1. LOVE

That strong word is what makes us to sympathize one another. Most of people thinks tragedy as comedy: if you hit a wall while texting its really funny; but if I did, its embarrassing and hurts. It’s never been cool to enjoy someone else’s misfortune. The easiest way to not encounter an uncomfortable gossip, is to have a heartfelt discussion and inject with some empathize for the person involved. Reflect yourself, how would you feel if someone is talking about you?

  1. Extend Kindness

If you have a jealousy feeling towards someone, you tend to spread negative words about him or her. Please, shower yourself with kindness and positive thoughts, its really not healthy for yourself. Aren’t you tired of feeling insecure? What comes around goes around.

  1. Your Friends = You

Consider your fellas, do you gossip with all of them? Or did you gossip with small group of friends? Gossip might be the one connects you and your friends. Instead talking about others, try discussing about education, books, movies, arts or news. What will happen? If your friends show no interest, maybe you should spend more time with friends who have positive energy.

  1. A Moment of Silence

Have some time to your self, in the morning or during your break. Walk outside, read a book, listen to your IPod. Not only you have a moment to yourself, you also avoid gossips!

We would love to hear your thoughts and tips from you on how to avoid gossips! Yes you’re helping us and others too.

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