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Founded in February 2016, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Milaxo aims to help ladies discover great places by providing a list of Spa, Beauty, and Wellness destinations in Jakarta. Milaxo first started when our co-founders, whom very passionate to discover new and exciting Spa, Beauty, and Wellness venues in Jakarta, had difficulties to find any information from the venues. Therefore, our co-founders decided to build a website where all the information such as description, locations, photos, and menus from the venues is easily accessible in one place.

Through our cooperation with the venues, Milaxo assists ladies to find the best promotion in town. We would post the latest updates and deals to keep our readers up-to-date. Moreover, our blog called Milaxo Daily intends to educate ladies by posting daily dose of Spa, Beauty and Wellness articles.

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For personal, business inquiries, or contribution to the blog, please shoot us an email at hello@milaxo.com!

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