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Thinking to get a facial but doesn’t want to experience the pain? Then Clarins Skin Spa is the right place of you. Clarins Skin Spa Jakarta offers facial service called Tri – Active Facial Treatments and its 100% manual method.

Mba Ida is our beauty therapist for the day at Clarins Skin Spa Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta Selatan. She asked us about our skin whether it’s sensitive, dry or oily. Since our skin is highly sensitive, mba Ida suggested to take Skin Soother treatment. While she explained about the process, we drank ginger tea as our welcome drink. When we’re ready, we enter the treatment room and changed to our robe. They have two treatment rooms so make sure you make an appointment first before the treatment.

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The bed was very warm which make us comfortable. Tri – Active Facial Skin Soother treatment begins with Sensorial Awakening, where the beauty therapist let us inhale a comforting aromatherapy. Then Clarins beauty therapist applied make up removal following the face scrub to remove our dead skin.

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There are two product of getting our skin ready/detox, which uses Exfoliating Face Lotion to lift remaining dirt on our skin and Soothing Facial Supplement to reduce sensitive.

The third step was, Soothing Cocktail stage where the beauty therapist used face massage techniques while applying the product. To reduce face swelling and double chins, Clarins beauty therapist used Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring, as well as Soothing Facial Supplement to calm our sensitive skin. The face and shoulder massage are soothing which led us slept for a while.


Applying Triple Mask was the fourth step. The reason it’s called Triple Mask, Clarins used this technique to mask our neck, face and eye. The products used are Soothing Gel-Mask to moisture our sensitive skin, and Replenishing Total Eye-Balm Mask to reduce dark circle, wrinkles. Not to forget, Soothing Facial Supplement was applied to calm and reduce sensitive.

The last step is to protect and moisturise the skin by using Radiance Facial Supplement to result a brighter skin. Our face felt puffy, bright, moist and no redness!

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Clarins Tri – Active Facial Treatment is fast, not painful, soothing and gives the best result to our sensitive skin. No itchiness, which their products are safe for sensitive skin. Milaxo will definitely make this Tri – Active Facial Treatment as a routine to cleanse our face from the pollution in Jakarta


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If you’re planning to visit Clarins Skin Spa Jakarta, click here to see their spa menu and locations.

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