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We were so happy that Dandelion Waxing (based in Surabaya) expands their studio in Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan! The location was easy to find, it’s located in Jl. Metro Pondok Indah SG-21 and they share the location with Mamamia Spa.

Our treatment at Dandelion Waxing Jakarta was Waxing and Nail Art. So let us tell you our review here;


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We decided to do Half-Leg and Brazilian waxing. At first, we thought of trying Dandelion Waxing Jakarta’s Half-Leg waxing only, but one of Dandelion Waxing Jakarta owner told us that their popular service is painless Brazilian Waxing. So, why not, we decided to give it a try.

For the Half-Leg waxing, they used a heating roller machine. Then a woven strip was pressed onto the wax and then quickly removed. It’s painless and fast! It took about 15 minutes to wax our Half-Leg. The result was clean, soft and looked brighter!

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Heating roller wax machine

Dandelion Waxing Jakarta uses high quality Perron Rigot wax for both soft and hard wax, which was imported from Paris, France.

Moving on to Dandelion Waxing Jakarta’s famous Brazilian Waxing. This time, they used a hard wax because it’s suitable for sensitive skin. No double dipping! Dandelion Waxing Jakarta never dipped the spatula twice! To ensure absolute hygiene to customer, they always be waxed with new spatulas. Also, their hard wax could remove our dead skin and gave some brightness!

What’s best about Dandelion Waxing Jakarta, they provided “Numbing Spray” to use prior to waxing. As told by Dandelion Waxing Jakarta, the numbing spray was really safe for sensitive areas and temporarily numbs the surface of the skin. The “Numbing Spray” contains Lidocaine, it took the sting out of waxing while soothing the skin with its aromatic blend and it’s a product from USA.

As Dandelion Waxing Jakarta promised, the process was painless and fast! Suddenly, the therapist offers us a treatment after our Brazilian Wax, which was V Apres Brazilian Epilation Mask. We gave it a try and it felt amazing! We could feel the cold sensation! This mask is to make our skin brighter and calm our skin after the Brazilian Wax. We really recommend you to try this mask after the Brazilian Wax Treatment. Very suitable for sensitive skin, the ingredients of this mask can be found in the image below;

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Just an important reminder from Dandelion Waxing Jakarta, you can’t get waxed if you:

  • Just had an IPL (laser) on the same area within the last 6 months.
  • Are under medication of Retin-A or Reaccutane or any similar skin medication that usually makes your skin really dry.
  • Have sunburn or cuts or wound on the same area.

Note: Dandelion Waxing Jakarta suggest to avoud waxing 3 days prior, during, and 3 days after your period since your skin is usually more sensitive during that times.

Nail Art: Hologram Effect

Nail art catalogue

Nail art catalogue

We wanted to try Dandelion Waxing Jakarta’s hippest nail art and they suggested Hologram nail art. Here we go!

Dandelion Waxing Jakarta Review - 16

After getting our nails shaped and clean very carefully, the nail therapist applied prep polish, gel bonder and base coat to have a perfect result.

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The exciting part was, applying Hologram effect to our nail. Just simply apply the Hologram dust with a bud to the nail and voila, it fits and looked perfect! We don’t use any base color, just applied the Hologram dust and the result were satisfyingly beautiful! After that, topcoat was applied so it would last longer.

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So happy and satisfied with the result! Dandelion Waxing Jakarta gave a high quality treatment and service, which we were in awe. We’ll definitely come back to wax our unwanted hair regularly, get our nails done and try their eyelash extension treatment!

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