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It was a good day to start our morning with PT. Njonja Meneer. They are back with another great event that was held by Djamoe Workshop team. The theme this year, a workshop titled “Balinese Dance & Djamoe Workshop”, held on 21 January 2017 at Hause Rooftop. This workshop has exciting activities such as introducing the history of bali and practicing Balinese dance poses from the base to higher level and memorize them.

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Njonja Meneer product display

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Djamoe Workshop founded in 2014, still under PT. Njonja Meneer. Founder of Djamoe Workshop initiated by Mrs. Claudia Ong & Vanessa Ong, The origin made Djamoe Workshop because they are both truly concerned with the development of herbal medicine that deals with the historical origins of Indonesian culture, that were left behind by the great-grandmother Mrs. Meneer. Vision and Mission of Djamoe Workshop, is to seek, to raise the image and preserving herbs so that people can recognize and local products will be loved again and culture as a lifestyle drink herbal 2017.

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The workshop started with learning Balinese dance poses, which was taught by Ms. Vitara. She started the session with the explanation of the Balinese dance history, Balinese dance types, meaning of each poses, costume and make up.

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Introduction of Balinese dance explained by Ms. Vitara

Balinese dance can be categorized into three types; guardian (sacred), or bebali (ceremony) and balih – balihan (entertainment). Guardian and bebali can be danced in a particular place and time. In this Djamoe Workshop, Ms. Vitara introduced the dance from Wali (switch), which is puspawresti dance. Similar to Pendet for the opening ceremony, but only different dances where there will be men who come to fill the middle-end dance music gamelan completed.

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Kain Batik application for dancers

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Learning Balinese dance poses

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The benefits and function of this Balinese dance workshop are;

  • As a means of amusement and entertainment
  • As an expression of beauty or the beauty of Balinese cultural activities
  • As creative activity

We learned so much from the Balinese dance teacher, Ms. Vitara. She has been studying dance for 17 years. The reason Ms. Vitara decided to work in the field of Public Relations Njonja Meneer turns because of Ms. Vitara’s goal is not only a professional dancer alone but wants to raise the cultural image of Indonesia in the eyes of the public. So Ms. Vitara said that “an honor for me if it can be viewed as the successor to the Indonesian people, especially people can capture and love the culture of Indonesia to recognize traditional Balinese dance and history Jamu”.

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Done with our Balinese dance workshop, it was time to learn how to make jamu from the teacher of Djamoe Workshop Mrs. Lily Siswanto. It has been more than 15 years Mrs. Lily Siswanto work as a Public Relation of Njonja Meneer. Now, Mrs. Lily Siswato started to teach during Djamoe workshop for us to learn more about making jamu by ourself.

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Ingredients for making herbal ginger

How to make herbal ginger, for 1 teh poci (serves 3-4 glasses),

2 ginger

2 base stem serai

½ finger kayu manis

strands ½ pandan leaves

Option: Brown Sugar (moderation)

The benefits to health.

  • Ginger: Blood circulation, reduce migraines, bloating, fever and cough, weight loss.
  • Lemongrass: Lemongrass Tea consumption will help reduce menstrual pain and nausea.
  • Cinnamon: scent for drinks
  • Leaves Pandan: Relieve rheumatic sore, anxiety, high blood pressure and arthritis.
  • Brown Sugar: The source of antioxidants, blood circulation, stabilize cholesterol levels in the blood

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The session has ended and it was time to enjoy our lunch from Hause Rooftop, photo session and received farewell gifts from Djamoe Workshop such as; Djamoe Workshop certificate, Tumeric Herbal drinks, Njonja Meneer 2017 calendar, corset and products from Njonja Meneer.

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It was such a productive Saturday with Djamoe Workshop team, we cannot wait to attend their another workshop and keep updated with Djamoe Workshop events at our instagram account @milaxo_id and @DjamoeWorkshop.

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