If you want a refreshing express facial, then H2O+ beauty has the best treatment for you! Located in Sogo department store Pondok Indah Mall 2, H2O+ beauty offers quick refreshing facial for all skin types.

First, the beautician analyses our skin, whether it’s sensitive, oily or dry. Our skin is very sensitive so they prepare H2O+ Elements Cleansing and Oasis products for our facial treatment.

The treatment starts with cleansing our face with H2O+ cleansing wipes and face scrub. The scrub texture is powder and the product is called Elements – Fresh Powder Exfoliation. It gently exfoliates and revitalizes. By mixing the powder and water, it will create foamy texture and gently rub it in the face. The beautician recommends us to do this technique one or twice a week to remove our dead unwanted skin. Brighter and smooth skin as a result!

H2O+ mini facial - 4

Continued by applying toner, to brighten our skin and look fresh! Our favorite, the beautician applies gel mask – Oasis Moisture Mask to moisturize and calm our skin. At first it felt tingly, just for the first minute. Then those feelings has gone and all we could feel is the fresh and cool sensation, leave the gel mask on for just 15 minutes and cleanse it to end the treatment.

H2O+ mini facial - 5

The last step is applying the eye cream to hydrate and serum from H2O+. This serum is to calm our sensitive skin and reduce the redness too. This product leaves our skin very moisturized so our skin will no longer goes dry.

H2O+ Oasis products are very safe for sensitive skin and no breakouts for sure! After the mini express facial treatment, our skin felt really soft, hydrated and fresh! All H2O+ Oasis skincare products that are used during the treatment contain Sea Grass and Water Lily, which leaves the cool sensation to our skin. So we felt so relaxed during the mini facial treatment.

H2O+ mini facial - 1

H2O+ mini facial - 3

Stop by H2O+ beauty booth at Sogo Pondok Indah Mall 2, Sogo Plaza Senayan and Seibu Grand Indonesia to have your own mini express facial from H2O+, trust us, you will feel more relax in the middle of hectic day!

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