Breads are always our option to ease our hunger during the afternoon! Finally we’ve found a place where homemade delicious breads are served, Roti Eneng. Situated in Gandaria, Jakarta Selatan, they sell fresh homemade jams and bread. We love the ambiance of the café. It’s home-like and pet friendly!

Roti Eneng - 8

The owner of Roti Eneng, Sarah introduces us to her best selling breads. We chose to order sweet earl grey milk bread. All products are homemade and it tastes heavenly. It’s not too sweet, very balanced. Few bites are just not enough. Roti Eneng offer sweet toast and savory toast bread. To name few flavours, blueberry cream cheese, classic grilled cheese, bolognaise grilled cheese and so much more.

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They used pure butter as their base for the bread. One of their famous drinks is their coffee. Roti Eneng offers coffee from Bersahaja, which tastes perfect with the breads. Well, it’s a great sight, drinking coffee with Bersahaja’s iconic quotes on the cup.

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Not to mention Roti Eneng’s beautiful furniture. All handcrafted by recycled products. We were amazed by Roti Eneng’s dedication to help the environment. To support go-green, plastic materials are not provided. They offer brown paper bag for to-go orders.

Roti Eneng - 1

For us, this is the perfect place for, having your lunch, bridal/baby shower, girls day out, families, friends, me-time or even you can stop by here, eat their delicious foods while waiting for the traffic to ease down. You can also join Roti Eneng to save the environment too! Beat the traffic with your bike, help the environment and get 10% off your purchase. Great deal for great cause!

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Breads are not the only option here at Roti Eneng. They offer pasta with their best selling salted egg pasta with enoki mushroom, yum! We’ll definitely order that for our next visit.

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You can also order Roti Eneng’s meal by Go-Food, but in our opinion, if you have the time to visit the café, please do so! You will love the ambience and service, for sure!

Roti Eneng - 9

Thank you Roti Eneng for inventing the most delicious homemade comforting breads. You’ve just earn new regular customer, us!

Roti Eneng

Gandaria Tengah 4 no 19
Open 8 am – 8.30 pm
Closed on Monday
Phone: 021 7251746 / 081294013000

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