Located in Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, BloBar is a great place to get your hair coloured, either it’s an Ombre, Balayage or Vibrant colour. Milaxo luckily had the chance to talk with BloBar’s owners, Ninda Ramandiani and Merrie Elizabeth, who is recently listed as Forbes 30 under 30.


  1. Can you share with us how you have the idea to open a beauty business?

M: The idea came when we took our master degree at Prasetiya Mulya Business School Indonesia. Ninda and me had a huge passion to build a business. I was raised by Beauty salon owners, which were my mom and Grandma, so I found my passion there. Then it occurred to me that was the best opportunity for us.

  1. What were your activities before you established BloBar?

M: I was an employee at shoe retail, FMCG and IT company. Then I continued my Master degree at Prasetiya Mulya.

N: I graduated with graphic design major so I applied at a company that was related to my major. At that time I chose Visual Merchandiser as my job then I decided to work at Gilang Agung Persada and Mitra Adhi Perkasa. After working there for three years, there was no more excitement. So I decided to apply for a Master degree at Prasetiya Mulya where I met Merrie.

  1. Do you like going to beauty salons?

N: When Merrie asked me to open up a business together, I was not a beauty salon enthusiast. But then, I wanted to learn something new, to learn more about beauty salon. So we both learn by doing. Now I know about color composition, salon treatment and many more.

  1. What are BloBar specialities?

M: Similar to other salons, we have every treatments. Nevertheless, we specialize in colouring, especially in variation colouring such as Ombre, Balayage and Babylight. Because we are active in social media, a lot of our customers are expats, singers, models, bloggers or anyone who are beauty enthusiasts especially in unique hair colouring.

  1. Does BloBar give consultation to customers before the colouring process?

N: Always. We are welcome for any customers who want to consult. We have two steps of consultation. The first one is communicate trough @blobar official line. We would ask the customer’s hair history, because not everyone can get the colour they wanted. It all depends on their hair condition. So if there’s any customer from out of town or overseas, they could consult before they arrive in Jakarta to avoid any miscommunication. The second step of consultation is direct consultation. When the customers arrive at BloBar, we can discuss further about the colours which would be more suitable for them. The purpose of the consultations is to answer the customer’s entire question regarding the availability of colours, price, duration of the process and others. We will also check the customer’s hair condition to minimize dryness and breakage.

  1. Do you also like to colour your hair?

M: I have dyed my hair so many times at BloBar and my hair have never turned dry like a doll’s hair. Since we are selling hair colour products, we have to try them too to know the quality and what’s best for customer.

  1. There are a lot of customers from overseas, aren’t they?

N: Correct. We both assume that BloBar is a travel destination. If they visit Jakarta, they most definitely would dye their hair at BloBar.

  1. We heard that Merrie was chosen as a young influential person by Forbes 30 under 30. How did you feel when you first heard it?

M: Honestly I was so shocked. Since the beginning of January, Forbes Editor from Hong Kong sent me a congratulation email. They said, “Congratulations you’ve entered as a semi finalist for the award 30 under 30” and they asked me to give them my short profile. Then I automatically said, “Is this a hoax? I have never applied for an award like this”. Then I realized, this is real! Forbes is a high-class media that are red by many businessmen and entrepreneurs. Not only for Asia, these awards are also for America and Europe. Also, they wanted to choose a new game changer and new force of businessmen and entrepreneurs. The batch previously was Sandiaga Uno, Tony of Air Asia, which they are successful and well known. Forbes want to raise a new generation of 30 under 30 and at the same time networking with the new generation that will be great in the later days.

I was really shocked when Ninda called me during the night about me listed in Forbes 30 under 30. I feel really proud and happy that I can be included in the award. This is also recognition for our hard work, because not only me, but it is because of our team who made this happen. We have Ninda, the salon coordinator, and staffs who have this amazing teamwork from the start. This is all because of teamwork.

  1. What is your plan for BloBar?

M: Surely we will create the newest trend. Right now, grey color is the new it colors. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and many fashion bloggers have dyed their hair to grey. It is the right color for Indonesia market. However, the customers didn’t know which salon that could provide a good quality of grey color for them. Then, we made this grey color even with variations for customers to feel stylish.

N: But it all depends on your hair condition. Is it strong enough to take in various colors? We are welcome to give consultation for our customers who want to be stylish with their choices of colors.

  1. Do you have any comments for Milaxo readers who want to build their own beauty business?

M: Follow your passion. Also, have a passion for creativity. If you don’t have any passion or creativity, you will easily give up on every challenge. One more thing, have a uniqueness in your product. Even though there are a lot of competitors out there, you better have uniqueness in your product or services.

N: Don’t plan too much. Just do it while your idea is fresh. If you take too much time planning, your passion will fade away. Don’t be afraid to start a business from small. Every business will start from small and get bigger along the way. Passion and execution is really important for you.

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See BloBar page to see their menus and contact details.

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