Jaya Festival 2016 - 9

It’s that time of the year again, where Jaya Festival held their 3rd festival at Rumah Ranadi Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Jaya Festival that was created by Dini Yoga organized this festival by gathering people who has the same interest and hobbies in one place. This one-day celebration starts at 8AM where yogis can register classes for them to enjoy their ultimate wellness.

“Not just a festival but it’s a Celebration of Life” said Dini Maharani, owner or Dini Yoga whom created Jaya Festival event along with her partners. They created this event for all of us have a celebration with yoga, holistic and healing, food, music, movie, bazaar, art and lots of fun activities in one-day.

Jaya Festival 2016 - 6

Jaya Festival 2016 - 4

Jaya Festival has collaborated with Rumah Ranadi to share positive vibes to all yogis, which we thought that this place is the right place to experience ultimate wellness and spend the day. It’s a Javanese style semi – outdoor house that fits well with this event.

Jaya Festival 2016 - 7

“We welcome all ages, moms, teenagers, men, women, elders, kids where they can spend the day here to enjoy the Celebration of Live. Not just yoga enthusiast, but all guests who are just in the mood to celebrate and enjoy other activities besides our yoga classes are welcome here! They could chill out in the park, attend mini workshop, check themselves in Holistic Healing clinic to find out about their health, healing their mind and soul with live music & art and even shopping”, Dini Maharani sure want to provide the best time of our live in this Celebration of Live event.

Jaya Festival 2016 - 1

Photo by: Jaya Festival

Jaya Festival 2016 - 8

Jaya Festival 2016 - 2

We could find everything in this one place, one celebration.

Jaya Festival 2016 - 3

Jaya Festival 2016 - 11

Artwork on Cling Wrap by: Summer Puff Photo by: Jaya Festival

Be a part of this celebration and make sure not to miss Jaya Festival next event, which will be held on 2017. See you all next year!

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