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Before NAP Nail Salon, Linda Co-owner of NAP, opened NAP Nail Academy in East Jakarta where she teaches students with her techniques that she have learn in few countries. Linda’s students are mostly employees, students especially with a passion to open their own Nail Salon Business from Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and many more.

Linda expand the academy and opened her first Nail Salon treatment in Lippo Kemang Village. NAP Nail salon is a one-stop beauty treatments. With the concept of white interior and clean as a hospital, because Linda wants Nap customers to see clearly the impression of cleanliness and neatness that Nap applied in terms of treatment.

Cleanliness and health is one of NAP Nail salon priority, because the environment and conditions in the nail salon was moist and wet, so it is very easy for bacteria, virus, fungus, microorganisms and other nail diseases to appear. That is why Linda thinks it is very important to keep clean so that customers feel safe about their health.

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NAP Nail Salon

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Address : Lippo Mall Kemang Village, 36.P.Antasari Floor LG - 29

Phone : +62 21 29528378

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