Are you a newlywed who just moved to your new home? Or a student who goes abroad and just rent an apartment? Milaxo has a solution for you to clean your house/apartment with these natural three ingredients that you might already have in your cabinets.

Using home cleaning products could be so toxic and irritates our hand. You don’t want to feel all itchy and dry right? We could help you by using these three non-chemical formulas.

Make sure you have:

1 box of baking soda

1 spray bottle, filled with half vinegar and half water

1 spray bottle, filled with distilled white vinegar

7 to 8 lemons




Where you could clean:

  1. Carpet

Try dabbing white vinegar and let it still for 10 minutes before you wipe it out with a clean damp towel.

  1. Window & Mirror

Spray it with vinegar and water, when you’re done, wipe it down with paper towel.

  1. Shower & Tub

Use the vinegar to get rid of the hard water stains and your shower curtains too. If you have tiles in your bedroom, use the baking soda and brush it with a toothbrush.

  1. Toilet

Spray with the pure vinegar and let it still for about 15 minutes before using the toilet brush. It’s clean as new!

  1. Kitchen Counter

Mix the lemon juice and vinegar to clean the food and soap residue. It left a fresh lemon scent and clean of course! If you have tiles, scrub it out with baking soda.

  1. Sink

Easiest to be clean, spray with a pure vinegar and wipe it down with a clean cloth. Shine away!

  1. Floor

Try mixing a cup of vinegar to water before moping the hardwood or tile floors. Make this as a substitute to soap and water for cleaning the floors.



Do you have any more natural products in mind that could substitute home cleaning products? If so, please share!


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