Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 16

It’s a good morning to start our day learning on how to make Chocolate from the master, Pod Chocolate. 90 minutes away from Seminyak area, Pod Chocolate factory is located in Jalan Tukad Ayung, Carangsari. The place was huge; you can also take elephant rides and take pictures with the Sun Bear too!

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 1

Welcome Drink & Chocolate Making Form

When we first entered the Pod Chocolate Café, the tour guide provided us a paper to fill in what kind of chocolate and toppings do we want to make. Then, from the information, they would make a preparation for our chocolate making session. While waiting for it, Pod Chocolate provided us a nice chocolate as our welcome drink. Finished with our Chocolate welcome drink, the tour guide led us to a tree near the café, to explain how cacao grows.

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Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 18


Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 6

Cacao Tree

Moving on to the garden where Pod Chocolate used this space for cacao Fermentation and this process took five days or one week. After the fermentation, wash it first they dry the cacao in a flat surface exposed to the sun for about one week.

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Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 23

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 9

Cacao Fermentation

The next process called roasting. We roasted the cacao for about 40 minutes and the temperature needed to be at 150-degree celcius for this roasting process. It could take 1 kg for one time roasting. After 40 minutes has passed, we took the cacao that has been roasted and collected it. A winnowing machine was used to remove the shells from the beans to leave just the cocoa nibs.

We could taste the pure dark chocolate from the cocoa nibs!

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 10

Roasting Machine

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 12

Cacao result after roasting process

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 13

Cocoa Nibs

This process was called Tempering. It was processed by which we adjusted the temperature of the chocolate to a certain temperature in order to be processed into a good quality chocolate.

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 15

Chocolate Tempering

Behind the glassed wall, we could see them making white chocolate and our stomach started to growl.

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 14

White Chocolate

Not to be worried, we could taste Pod’s white, milk, dark and other types of chocolates that they offered us. Our favorite was Rosella Flower & Cashew!

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 19

Milk Chocolate tester

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 20

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 22

For the making chocolate session, we chose Milk Chocolate; and for the toppings, we chose Fruit Jellies, Cocoa Nibs and Rosella Sweet. It was fun and not that difficult! We waited 30 minutes to chill the chocolate. Once it was done, we could take the chocolate to our home. Very unique, Pod Chocolate didn’t use plastic bags as their packaging. They rather used bags that were made from Cassava Fiber. Earth friendly indeed.

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 24

Pod Chocolate Making Tour - 3

Pod Chocolate cassava fiber bag


What a great experience from Pod Chocolate, we learned something new about chocolate and the process of making it. This chocolate making tour costs:
Rp. 400.000 (adult)/ 300.000 (child), include transport/ shuttle
Rp. 250.000 (adult)/ 200.000 (child), exclude transport/shuttle


For more information, contact

Phone: (+62) 361 8496228

Email: sales@podchocolate.com

Address: Jalan Tukad Ayung, Carangsari, Petang, Bali 80353

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