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We would like to send our love to Rejuve for their 3rd anniversary! All Rejuve’s guests and media are all gathered at Sequis Center’s Auditorium Jakarta Selatan to share the happiest moment of Rejuve. We love how Rejuve display their juice, beverages, fruits and its ingredients.

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Rejuve teams are all very friendly and they give all the guests a warm welcome. The team explained to us how all Rejuve juice and beverages made, benefits of it and their juice collection including their newest cold pressed coffee.

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The show started at 4 PM where the show opened by Deasy Noviyanti ; radio broadcaster, tv presenter and health enthusiast. She greeted everyone in the auditorium with Rejuve team and the presentation started which consist everything you need to know about Rejuve.

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After the presentation ended, Richard Anthony ; Managing Director of Rejuve, share to us a lot more about Rejuve products. Sharing about the facilities in Central Production Facility (CPF), the transparency of Rejuve juice and beverages ingredients and Rejuve outlets until their 3rd anniversary. “What you see is what you get”, Rejuve highly maintain their transparency of the ingredients used to make their beverages. If you can see, they even attach ingredient sticker in the bottle too.

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The party goes on, the host introduce special guest who will share testimonials about Rejuve. The guest are, Hilda Novianti ; banker, triathlon & sport enthusiast and Tirta Jaya ; fitness trainer, triathlon & sport enthusiast. They both share how Rejuve cold press juice and beverages gives so much great benefits for sport enthusiast like them.

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We also get to see Rejuve 3rd anniversary special appearances by Emil Kusumoo ; actor, tv host & health influencer and Faldy Efadua ; WillSquatForCarbs community, fitness enthusiast, healthy life influencer. It’s amazing how Rejuve can change their life and be a part of their daily activities.

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Time passed by and we just realized it’s time to break our fast! So all of us got 1 Rejuve juice (we got Copacabana) for our breakfasting. So refreshing! It’s Rejuve heaven! We can drink as many juice & smoothies as we want! All of the guest can also enjoy Rejuve healthy canapés and nasi kuning for our dinner.

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We had so much fun Rejuve 3rd Anniversary party and we have decided to start living healthy and happier with Rejuve cold press juice and beverages for a healthier body and mind.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Rejuve! It’s the best juice we could possibly have!

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