We were so excited and decided to attend Rejuve Juice and Beverages tasting, to know more how they produce such delightful drinks by bringing up beauty of each fruit, vegetable also bringing us different categories of Rejuve cold-pressed juices and beverages.

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The talk show held in Plaza Senayan Lifestyle floor (ex. Hero Supermarket) at 11.00 AM. Rejuve team started with an introduction about Rejuve itself and how the fruits are very well handled during the process of making the beverages. The team was all very friendly so the session felt really comfortable and we could ask anything to them!

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To give the very best result, Rejuve do quality control, starting from selecting the fruits, beverages until production. Rejuve also maintain the best temperature for the beverages, which is 10 – 14 degree Celsius in the Central Production Facility (CPF). How about when transferring the beverages to the outlets? It does affect the temperature right? The answer is no. Very well prepared, the trucks for transferring the beverages were set – 2 until 2 degree Celsius. Maintaining the temperature is very important because the enemies of fruits are heat and oxygen.

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In cold press juice, it’s confirmed that there are no heating process too. So the fruits are pressed and produced liquid. Different from blender, which it uses knives to slice the fruits that produced heat.

The bacteria will have difficulties to develop because the temperature is maintained 10 – 14 degree Celsius. For cold press juices, it’s best to consume maximum 3 days after your purchase.

Rejuve Juice & Beverages Tasting session:

1. Rejuve Elixirs – Copacobana

Pineapple, coconut water and dash of sea salt.

Very refreshing! This elixir is good for restoring energy after your exercise or marathon.

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2. Rejuve Classic Line – U Glow

Orange, Carrot, Pineapple

Fruity taste. It’s the favorite line of Rejuve customer. Made from almost 1 kilogram of fruit and vegetable. U glow is perfect for first Rejuve customer who wants to start consuming fruits with vegetable.

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U Glow

3. Rejuve Signature Line – Citrus Green

Cucumber, Spinach, Apple, Lemon

Veggie, Earthy and citrusy! Perfect for you who likes to drink fruits with vegetable. There was no Pineapple added so it tastes less sweet. Triple the nutrition and triple antioxidant.

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Citrus Green

4. Rejuve Organic Line – Red Radiance

Beet, carrot, celeries stick, apply and pineapple

Aromatic, Earthy and Lighty fruit taste. This is the most advanced and premium line from Rejuve is made from 100% organic vegetable. For vegetable lovers, Red radiance is the best option for you!

Red Radiance

Red Radiance

5. Rejuve Nut Milk – Popbela Violet

100% raw almond, infused beet juice, dash sea salt and organic coconut sugar

Rich and textury. By using dash of sea salt, it brings up the taste of almond and we could feel the textury from almond fiber.

Better to store it in the fridge and consume it maximum 2 days after your purchase.

6. Rejuve Smoothies – Chocolate High

Almond milk, protein whey, oatmeal, peanut butter and banana

Bold, textury and rich. Best for your breakfast and after workout meal replacement! Very rich flavor and it’s bolder than the other cold press juices. Lots of fiber and high nutrition!

Better to store it in the fridge and consume it maximum 2 days after your purchase.

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Rejuve Coffee Line

This healthy coffee line is perfect for coffee lovers! Rejuve coffee is cold pressed so it’s less acidic and safe for digestion.

1. Coffee Almond

Cold press coffee, almond milk, organic coconut sugar

Best for coffee drinkers, the coffee tastes strong and it’s good for your caffeine boost in the morning.

2. Mocca High

Oatmeal, banana, chocolate protein whey, coffee, non-fat milk / almond milk.

This will be your favorite who doesn’t really enjoy coffee, like us! Same as Rejuve smoothies, Mocca High is for your caffeine boost and breakfast replacement.

Rejuve gave two options of milk, non-fat and almond milk. We enjoy the almond milk version because it’s rich and indulgence.

For health enthusiast, better to consume Mocca High first before your exercise to have that caffeine boost!

3. Avoccino

Non-fat milk, avocado, protein whey, cold press coffee and organic coconut sugar

Tastes really good! Same as Mocca High, this beverage suits best for you who don’t enjoy coffee that much.

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Coffee Line

Time flies so fast when you’re having fun with Rejuve’s juice and beverages tasting! Some of the attendees won shopping voucher from Rejuve and it was time for us to explore and purchase Rejuve beverages in their store!

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Rejuve’s U Glow, Red Radiance and I Glow

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