Snail Mail-1

Let’s hop on to time machine to where Snail Mail is our only source to communicate to our friends across the globe or families back in our home during our college. Yes, I always have this amazing feeling, every time we came home, check out our mail box to see whether our loved ones has send us one of those stamped envelopes.

The reality is, we are now living to this digital era, where our phones and electronics are attached to our hands at all time. It is easier to talk to our friends instantaneously and very helpful for our social and career (Thank God for the Gadgets too!)

But, don’t you miss the old days to write on a postcard whenever you’re on your vacation in Europe and send it to your family & friend back home?

Let me give you 5 reasons why I love Snail Mail:

  1. Authentic handwriting. I like when I receive a mail from my friend with her unique writing. When I start reading the first letter she wrote, no more wondering, I know it’s from her! I feel so special that she’s written a one-page letter just for me.
  1. Very Personal. Only us can see the message, and we could keep it either in our safe box or hide it under our beds. It’s a no judgment zone, no one can see, share or comment about it.
  1. Give and receive. You feel happy when you receive a mail from your friend, right? They do too! They could reply to your mail whether to say thank you or ask you to come to a party with him/her. The more you send, the more you receive.
  1. Therapy. Sitting down for an hour to clear your mind and write can calms you. Turn on your favorite song and light scented candle could helps.
  1. Doodle it. Be creative, you could doodle which you think its amusing or funny to share to your fellas.

So, when was the last time you wrote a mail? Here’s what I have in mind, why don’t you make a letter for your friend or anyone you like? Just for the good old time sake. Any ideas for whom?

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