Some of us may have the same routines. Waking up in the morning, going to work, face the morning traffic, working our duties in the office and when it comes to noon, we have to face the traffic again to head back home. The next day, we have to face the same cycle.

It may come to our mind ladies, that we need a break don’t you think so too? Have some day off for some refreshing vacation to release our stress and be recharged. But it doesn’t come instant. We have to ask for leave from the office or any other obstacles in order to have day off.

At times like this, Svasti essential oil become very helpful to feel relaxed and refreshed. Starting from as stress reliever, breathing axle, stretching the stiff muscles, relieves the fever, headache, until beauty treatments.
Svasti essential oil is one way for us urban to feel the tranquility and balance of soul and physical instant. Stimulation of essential oil affects the brain to produce hormones that improve the body’s functions such as enhancing immunity, creating a feeling of happiness and relaxation, refreshing and soothing the soul, mind and body.

Starting from the love of aromatherapy, holistic healing, and the founder’s dream to align the life of the urban people in Indonesia who are vulnerable to stress, then Svasti was created. Taking the spirit of ancient Indian medicine, AYURVEDA. To help improve the quality of human health, Svasti takes into account the alignment of various elements, such as body, soul, mind, nature and society. Svasti serves 100% pure essential oils from plants (vegan) and it is not tested on animals. In the procurement of materials, they don’t only use, but also ensure the process is not destructive and it is actively seeking natural conservation. Thus, Svasti seeks to build a healthy lifestyle for today’s urbanites through the use of essential oils produced in an environmentally safe and safe process.

Have you purchased your essential oil yet? Here’s list of how to use Svasti products:

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser

By applying few drops of essential oil to ultrasonic diffuser or burner in your living room, for sure it will lighten everyone’s mood. It gives real health benefits too!

Svasti Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser - 1

Svasti Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser - 2

Svasti Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser - 3

  1. Beauty & Massage Oil

Mix few drops of your selected essential oil and plant base carrier oils. Always massage anticlockwise during your treatment. Do it gently and never stretch your skin too hard.

  1. Bath Soak

Have some time for yourself to release your tension from the day by having a bath spa experience at home. Simply drop few of Soothing oil or, blend in maximum 2-5 drops of essential oil and 1 teaspoon plant based carrier oil.

Our four option of Svasti Essential Oil are (we tried it!):


– Creates calm, positive thoughts, balance and feelings of comfort.

– Lavender also works as bug repellent, which is a major issue in our city.

– For ladies who have cramp during menstruation, it’s best to have Lavender   essential oil through warm compresses.

– This also reduces headaches, fever, insomnia and sinusitis.

Svasti essential oil - 6

Champaca and Lavender Essential Oils


– Champaca essential oil is distilled from the best aromatic plant

– 100% essential oil / essential natural.

– Found in the fragrance of a soft cempaka flower, this essential oil can create a romantic atmosphere, increase focus and ease anxiety and insomnia.

– Champaca can also be used as a massage oil to help restore the freshness of the body.


– Reduces stress and tension.

– Improve satisfaction, positive energy, confidence, spontaneity and creativity

– Improve the body’s immune system through massage therapy with carrier oil

– A natural sedative for a hyperactive person.

– Moisturizes the skin, helps reduce scars and stretch marks

Steps: Mix a few drops of mandarin oil on an empty body lotion or base oil.

Svasti essential oil - 8

Mandarin and Tea Tree Essential Oils

Tea Tree

– Alleviate insect bites, mild skin infections and acne

Steps: Pour 2-5 drops of Tea Tree oil into each teaspoon (5ml) of base oil / carrier oil and apply on the problem skin.

– Tea tree works as mild respiratory problems reliever

– Natural furniture cleaner when mixed with water

Jojoba Oil (Cold Pressed)

Jojoba oil is a perfect choice for acne prone and oily skin due to its absorption properties. Which this is similar to our own skin so it will not block pores.

How to use Jojoba Oil:

  1. Dilute with selected essential oil for topical application and body massage.
  2. Use as a leave – in hair conditioner and natural body moisturizer
  3. Mix it into your home made skincare or beauty products.
  4. To pamper your mind and nourish skin, mix Jojoba Oil into your bath soak.
Svasti essential oil - 2

Jojoba Oil with Tea Tree & Mandarin Essential Oils

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