A great place for tourist who likes coffee and tea! Teba Sari located in Gianyar Bali, they have a small plantation where they grow plant such as turmeric, lemongrass, vanilla, ginseng, cinnamon, etc. The tour guide kindly gave us a tour to their plantation and explains about their plants.

Teba Sari - 7

Teba Sari - 6

Teba Sari - 16

Teba Sari - 1

Teba Sari - 4

Crushed lemongrass to smell the aroma

The guest could see Luwak sleeping (they sleep during the day) and Teba Sari also grows red coffee for the Luwak to eat during the night.

Teba Sari - 3


Black coffee

Black coffee


Teba Sari - 8

Kopi Bali

Teba Sari - 17

After the educational tour, Teba Sari gave us a complimentary selection of teas and coffee from their plantation. We liked them all and we want to bring it home!

Teba Sari - 18

Teba Sari - 11

Coffee & Tea Tasting

Teba Sari - 13

Tea Tasting

Teba Sari - 12

Tea Tasting

If you like the teas/coffee, Teba Sari have a store where they sell the products for guest to purchase.

Teba Sari - 14

Tea selection

Teba Sari - 15



Teba Sari

Br. Kelingkung, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali – Indonesia

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