Stress comes at any time caused by your career, love life and other things. When stress gets too much, it take a toll on our health and wellbeing. That is why essential stress reliever is the best to restore your inner peace. A clear mind is healthy, productive mind, so please keep this tips in mind, Milaxees!

1. Read a book
Choose any topics you like, whether it’s related to your current situation or any entertaining books, take your time to learn! Keep it at your bag at all times. When you’re at your work, give ten minutes to read some pages of the book. You may get insight and advice by reading. Trust us, you will have a clearer mind afterwards.

2. Do a quick Yoga
We know that you have so little time to do 1-hour yoga, how about a quick one? Yoga incorporates breathing exercises, light exercise and meditation. This quick session brings initial stress relief, which is good to spend the rest of your day.

3. Garden planting
This way is the most beneficial because while you are helping yourself, you are helping the earth as well! Going outside and enjoy scenery is just one of the ways that gardening can be a great stress reliever.

4. Reduce your caffeine
Having your caffeine too late in the day can affect your sleeping routines, which impact stress levels. Emotionally reactive to stress will happen if you consume too much caffeine. Lessen the caffeine, please.

5. Hit the gym, hard!
Let you stress sweat out! Hitting the gym is one of the great ways to rid your body of stress; literally you could sweat it out. Keep your phone on you locker and let you blood flowing and heart rate cranking. Good for your health and mind.

6. Listen to music
Music can help as a stress reliever. Make your own playlist for various moods; whether it’s an upbeat mix or cathartic mix, it’s entirely up to you. This can help you relieve stress enjoyably and conveniently.

7. Turn off your technologies and go for a hike or walk
Enjoy the nature! A beach or park walk or a hike will get your mind off stress and get lost! Connecting with nature will reminds you that we, along with other things that cause us to stress out, are one small piece of a much bigger picture.

Anything in mind to reduce stress? Please share to us and you can help others in need. We’re waiting!

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